The Duchess of Malfi

Bury Theatre Workshop’s first production of 2016 will be “The Duchess of Malfi”. Written by John Webster, this masterpiece has been brought forward to the 21st century by director Tim Lodge for performance at Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds.

The beautiful young Duchess is widowed and her two brothers are insistent she shall not remarry.  But she has already fallen for her housekeeper, Antonio, and he for her, so they very quickly marry in secret.  Years pass and the couple have three children, all unbeknown to the brothers.  Inevitably, however, the existence of the family is revealed.  Because the marriage deprives the brothers of their inheritance, and perhaps for darker, more incestuous reasons, the two are enraged and plot the downfall of both Antonio and the Duchess.  First the family is banished and then the Duchess is locked away to be subjected to increasingly macabre psychological torments emanating from the disturbed mind of Ferdinand, the more deranged of the two brothers.

First performed in 1610, BTW bring this sinister masterpiece, a 17th Century horror story, to the Theatre Royal.  The production is stylish, larger than life, and delivers the Jacobean imagery and beautiful language in a way that you will easily understand and enjoy.  Provided, that is, you are not afraid of the dark…

Formed in February 2012, Bury Theatre Workshop is a community theatre group dedicated to the promotion and performing of the dramatic arts in Bury St Edmunds. Forthcoming productions of the 2015-2016 season include The Sign of Four, Ladykillers and Much Ado About Nothing.


Date & Venue

Tues 26th – Sat 30th January 2016, 7.30pm & 2.30pm Sat Matinée

Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds, Westgate Street, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1QR 


Theatre Royal ticket prices vary according to seats chosen – £6-16

Box Office & Information

01284 769 505 or