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Three Reasons To See Baskerville

Ahead of the performance, a handful of folk (myself included) were given a backstage tour around the newly-refurbished Mercury Theatre in Colchester. This was a great opportunity to see all the hard-work that had been put into the building to make it the best it can be, and explore all of the exciting new spaces within the building.

You may have seen our previous coverage by my colleagues on its official reopening launch and the reopening season announcement – so it was good to finally have my chance to catch-up and visit the theatre. You can currently book your own theatre tour too!

We were also given the chance to check out the food at the new Café bar. I opted for the Woodland Mushroom Linguine, and my mother who was accompanying me chose the Thai Green Vegetable Curry – both of which were vegan friendly. They certainly weren’t shy on portion size, as they served up a bowl bigger than my head – but both were absolutely delicious and kept us fuelled for the show.  The menu has a good range of options for all diets, affordable prices, and is in a lovely open plan space. There is an additional bar upstairs too. Both spots make for a great extension to your theatre visit, or just a great place to drop by.

Baskerville! is a Sherlock Holmes Mystery. There are 40 characters, five actors and one madcap adventure for the world’s most famous detective!

Here are three reasons why you should go and see it…

  1. Sherlock and Watson re-imagined – Everyone knows the famous duo and tale of the hound that haunts Baskerville, but this adaptation sends us to Devonshire’s murky moors to unravel the mysterious deaths of the heirs to the Baskerville name. Is it a family curse, the myth of the hellhound or nothing but nonsense? Could it be the pairs most notorious case, and will they crack it in time? Join them on the adventure and untangle the web of clues – just watch out for the disguises and deceit along the way. Ken Ludwig has written a very witty yet true-to-form adaptation of this Arthur Conan Doyle classic. Supported by Ryan McBryde’s direction and a strong force of creatives, it promises a great evening of entertainment.
  2. Laughs-a-plenty guaranteed – Picture all you know and love from the murder mystery genre, but throw all the elements of comedy into the mix too. With costume changes a plenty, and over forty characters are portrayed by five actors in two hours – just know that chaos undoubtedly ensues. I think laughter is all that we need right now, and it’s the best way to reopen the Mercury Theatre.
  3. Corker of a cast – It must be said that what the cast achieve in show is nothing short of brilliant. Richard Ede and Eric Stroud lead as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson respectively, and both capture the essence of the adored duo, bringing them to life with their   chaotic and calculated manners. The supporting cast are equally brilliant, though it is Marc Pickering as Stapleton and others who really shines through as a firm-favourite to many in the audience. His natural ability to perform comedy brought great delight.

Overall, this show will get you lost in the world of Holmes and Watson and promises for a night of adventure, laughs and hearty family fun. Grab your tickets and support your local theatres.

Baskerville! runs at the Mercury until Sunday 22nd August. There will also be two socially distanced performances, these will take place on Sun 8 Aug at 3pm and on Fri 13 Aug at 7.30pm. To book visit

To book a theatre tour visit

Check out for the rest of the seasons events, and to find out more about the projects the theatre run, cafe and newly renovated space. 


Molly Richardson
Molly has a passion for all things entertainment. When not at the theatre, cinema or a concert, she's often found reviewing or blogging about it!

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