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Tibetan Night Terrors

Imagine all the brightest colours you can think of exploding right in front of you. Imagine every zingy taste you’ve popped inside your mouth all bursting into life at once. Ok, so now you get Tibetan Night Terrors. This 5-piece band is an array of flowery Hawaiian shirts, jangly guitars and packed-with-energy live shows. Oh – and one other vital ingredient. Fun. It’s not something you always associate with the Indie scene, but this band like a good time and put that across in everything they do. Front man Ben Wong even dislocated his leg one night for the sake of his art and a dance move that didn’t quite make it! Don’t get us wrong, though. This band make great songs, very catchy as you’d expect, but with a clever or thoughtful lyric thrown in their too, just to make sure you know they pack a punch with their merry-making.

The band has released a new single (Can’t Wait), marked by a headline gig at the Norwich Arts Centre on Friday 7th September alongside Gladboy and Badhead Hyland. That’s followed by another headline gig at The Waterfront in Norwich in October. This gives you a bit of a hint that things are beginning to happen on the Tibetan Night Terrors front – and you’d be right. An album is on the way early 2019, half of which is already recorded, which gives all TNT fans something to look forward to. And that band members Matthew Gadd, Owen Cox and Marco Giovanni have confirmed will not be called Goblin Quest (Ben, really, did you think that was ever going to happen?)

Oh – and a footnote to Tibetan Night Terrors. The remaining person not yet credited in this feature, singer and keyboard player Caitlin Woods,  is classically trained and sent in several of her own beautiful compositions to BBC Music Introducing as well. Talented bunch behind all the fun eh!


Gary Standley


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