Time Gentlemen Please – A Lock In With a Difference!

by | Nov 27, 2023 | Music

The Lock In Christmas Carol

It’s Christmas Eve and the regulars of Ye Olde Fighting Cocks are excited about the night ahead – it’s going to be the Folk & Hip Hop party of the year…

But to their dismay, the landlady Jasmineezer Scrooge has more profitable ambitions and is preparing to launch her new business, the ‘Oompah Techno Bar’. Cheap alco-pops, seedy lighting and mind-numbing beats are in danger of alienating the local community and ruining Christmas! Fortunately, some insightful souls are at hand to lead her back to her senses…

The Lock In Christmas Carol sees folk band The Demon Barbers and artists from Breaking Tradition Dance Company bringing traditional and contemporary dance together in a ‘slightly unhinged’ seasonal family show, which is “ guaranteed to raise weary spirits and send an audience home smiling ” (The Telegraph).

Fast-paced and innovative, The Lock In does for English folk dance what Riverdance did for Irish dance, and Diversity did for street dance. This exciting and dynamic show features the UK’s top clog, sword and Morris dancers and their counterparts from the worlds of B-boying, popping & krump. Meanwhile house band The Demon Barbers take English Folk music on a new journey with Hip Hop, House and Funk, and even says hello to Burlesque along the way!

A full-on show of such blazing energy and joyous ingenuity you scarcely ponder on the apparent madness of trying to marry folk dance and hip hop” The Independent .

Artistic director Damien Barber says; “The response has been phenomenal from both folkies and street dance fans. All our dancers have also taken the opportunity to learn from each other and have been amazed by the similarities and shared experiences they found in the two – seemingly very different – dance styles”.

The skill and athleticism of the dancers, and the excellent musicianship of the band, come together in a joyful show that will fill you full of Christmas cheer!

The Lock In Christmas Carol is at The Apex in Bury St Edmunds on Tuesday 12 December at 7.30pm. See www.theapex.co.uk or ring 01284 758 000 for more information or to book tickets.

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