Treasure Island

Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds

Young Company

There is skullduggery afoot aplenty in Young Company’s high-spirited tale of Treasure Island.

Expertly choreographed by Julia Cave who is usually involved with pantomime, the opener rousingly sees the ensemble weave from back to front, punching the air with their piratical moves.

Jim Hawkins (Trinity Bayliss-Mills) recounts how she (?!) acquired the coveted map of Treasure Island as Lady Trelawney – yes a woman – steps in and saves Jim’s life by despatching Blind Pugh.  Surely a woman couldn’t be in charge of the Hispaniola as no good will come of the ship under a woman!

The cast, who range from aged 8-21 years, have been perfecting this production since January and carried it off in style.

There are echoes of pantomime here with so-called jokes and the comical size of Captain Flint.

The pirates enjoy merrymaking and dancing on barrels.  Music eerily creates a spooky atmosphere when ghosts are mentioned.  “There’s nothing as bad as a pirate’s heart,” so be prepared as the bunch of brainless barnacles attempt to force you to walk the plank.

Running battles invade the stage until we reach our conclusion.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening with some excellent solo singing me hearties.