Twin Atlantic

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Reviews

Twin Atlantic are currently on their autumn UK 2016 tour playing their latest album G.L.A. This is their 4th studio album, which will see them on a 14-day tour up and down the UK. I saw them in action on Sunday 16th October at Norwich Waterfront.

If you are already a fan of Twin Atlantic, then you will know what I mean by their distinctive sound; rustic Scottish vocals, by Sam McTrusty, with the right amount of heavy guitar. When I stumbled upon these guys at the start of 2009, after the release of Vivarium, I was in awe of their music and I still am still a big fan today. The gig at Norwich Waterfront was a sold out, with eager fans ready for Twin Atlantic and their support acts; Fang Club and Pulled Apart by Horses.

Twin Atlantic opened their set with four brilliant tracks which showed off the heavier side of their new album Gold Elephant, Cherry Alligator, You Are the Devil and The Chaser. They have really upped their game with this latest sound. In a recent interview, Sam had said that they wanted this to be an authentic rock record. The first three songs were a great choice. Even though this a new album, they had already got a good coverage of it, so starting with some recognisable tracks really got the crowd going. They were up on their feet, with the floor shaking and it didn’t take long for a mosh pit to form. Their set list was exceptional, with new tracks From G.L.A and old tracks, like Light Speed from Vivarium.

Since Vivarium, Twin Atlantic’s music has changed as the band has evolved. Whether loyal fans take to this new style or not, we will have to wait and see. Personally, I love the new direction. The band themselves say that their 2015 album, The Great Divide, was different as they were making great sounding songs individually, rather than thinking about creating a great album. With G.L.A they seem to of compiled both.

One track, which is just Sam on stage; Mother Tongue, is a sharp sounding track with a great echo and raw, edgy vocals with passion. Twin Atlantic ended their set No Sleep, with the crowd enjoying every minute of it.

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