Ushers The Musical

Ushers The Musical – An Amateur Production from The Gallery Players.

After an extremely stressful journey to the Sir John Mills Theatre, Ipswich, meaning we arrived one minute before ‘curtain-up’(!), it was a delight to take our seats and already see the six cast members on stage doing their ‘ushering’ jobs; unusual to see the cast before the start of the Show.

From the outset it was clear that this was going to be an evening of fun and energy, with the opening number setting the scene and leaving the audience in no doubt as to what the Show was going to be about: a team of front-of-house staff doing their best to reach sales targets and be pleasant and welcoming to their customers (the audience), whilst under the watchful eye of their ‘hungry for success’ boss.

Stephen Watt (the boss) was extremely convincing in his role as the baddie and it was great to see him get his come-uppance by the end of the Show.  Notable for me amongst the rest of the cast was Bronwyn Cooper who played ‘Lucy’; her vast array of different faces was a delight to watch, along with her superb acting skills.

The piano accompaniment throughout the Show was skilfully provided by Richard Healey and was a great driving force.

If you’re after some light-entertainment and want to be certain of quite a few laughs along the way, go to see this Show!

It runs until Saturday 22nd October at the Sir John Mills Theatre, Ipswich. Visit for more information.