Wait Until Dark

A chilly November evening seems the perfect excuse to head back to the New Wolsey theatre for a good old fashioned crime thriller, right?

The play itself began life in 1966 on Broadway, and a year later the story also hit the big screen as a film starring Audrey Hepburn; and it’s often ranked as one of the top 100 scariest films of all time.

Wait Until Dark is set in a 1960’s London, and follows Suzy, a blind woman who is left alone in her apartment and quickly becomes mixed-up with a group of conmen who are hatching an elaborate scam. As tensions rise, Suzy is left to fend for herself – but with the phone line cut dead and the house plunged into darkness, can Suzy outwit the murderous visitors?

Coming from The Original Theatre Company (the producers behind Night Must Fall and Birdsong) and being written by Frederick Knott (author of Dial M Murder), I had a good idea of what to expect. It’s tricky to follow at times, and pretty predictable, but still a good crime thriller filled with suspense. Though, I think the real winning part of this show the combination of the design, lighting and sound, as it created the perfect atmosphere for the piece. There’s something quite surreal about a theatre blackout – it’s both terribly exciting and chilling!

Equally, the cast were wonderful. Karina Jones shone as Susy, Jack Ellis was flitting between being sweet and scary as Mike, Tim Treloar was chilling as Roat and the rest of the supporting cast were equally great, and made a very tight cast of 7.

Overall, I would say the show isn’t quite as scary as it makes out and it’s a little hard to keep up with, but I think it’s always tough to get this genre working well on stage, especially when a lot of these stories are so traditional in style. However, despite the bizarre turn of events, it was a very enjoyable piece. I always enjoy seeing something different, and if you like to feel a bit of suspense this show certainly provides it…

Wait Until Dark is at the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich until 11th November. For more information or to book visit www.wolseytheatre.co.uk.