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We Will Be Back

For those of you that don’t know, Grapevine Magazine belongs to Sue Stone.  She and her husband Steve own and run the Mansion House Publishing Group; Grapevine is just one of the titles produced by the group.

In March this year, just as we were about to publish Grapevine’s annual East Anglian Festival Guide as part of our April 2020 issue, lockdown happened.

Overnight the live music industry closed down as though someone had flicked a switch, and with-it Grapevine Magazine’s raison d’être evaporated.

But this small family run group of companies has risen to the challenges presented by the pandemic and although we are not printing a monthly live entertainments magazine we are still here, bringing you the latest live entertainment news online, albeit news that, at times, makes painful reading.

LIVEgigs are gradually making their way back, few in number and to small, socially distanced, audiences.  We thought now would be a good time to sit Sue Stone in front of a camera to let you know that we will be back.  Indeed, our biggest challenge during lockdown has been persuading the notoriously camera-shy Sue to face a camera!

Here she is doing her best Arnold Schwarzenegger “We will be back” impersonation!

Grapevine Editor
Grapevine Magazine was first published in 1991. The small Editorial Team, based in Ipswich, Suffolk collate information about live entertainment across East Anglia for the magazine's well known listings. In addition the team publish reviews and interviews on all forms of entertainment. Send your PRESS RELEASES to

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