Welcome back, Daisy

Welcome back, Daisy Victoria. It was a welcome surprise to see a post on her Facebook page recently, saying she was out of her “recording hibernation” and had a new song to share.

I was only disappointed for a short while that this track, Animal Lover, was not a cover of Suede’s album track from 1993. On hearing the song for the first time I got a sense of what Daisy had been up to in her months of isolation, where she’s been working with Pixies collaborator Dan Austin.

Daisy appears to have built confidence in her vocals since we last heard from her and really lets rip on Animal Lover. She wails, screeches and bends her voice almost like the notes are being stretched by the hands of some vocal puppeteer. It’s a good tune backed by what can only be called ‘a driving’ guitar riff.

The track will appear as on Daisy’s new EP, also called Animal Lover, which is released on 19 August.

A month later, on 23 September, we’re delighted that Daisy will be performing live for us at the John Peel Centre, for the last of our four scheduled shows in Stowmarket this year.

She was part of the bill when we made our debut there in 2013, performing with Maglia Rosa Group. Since then she’s produced at least an album’s worth of raw, grungy, yet somehow glamorous songs that I can’t wait to see performed live.

Daisy will be joined on the bill by Yoji, who has recently played at the Jazz Cafe in London, a venue where you could easily see her becoming a regular. She has a stunning voice and is carving out a career writing songs for others too.

Finally, it will be an honour to have Kate Jackson and the Wrong Moves closing the night. Kate’s album British Road Movies has been a stand out release this year and has been heralded by pretty much everyone.

She’s an incredible and captivating live performer, backed by a band made up of some of the stars of the Bury St Edmunds scene.

My advice is to get there early, as it’s going to be a busy one.

Elsewhere… what can I tell you about? I’m yet to mention Dingus Khan, so let me put that right. I’ve been lucky enough to have an advance listen to some of their second album, and let me tell you that it’s well worth the wait. Keep an eye out for new single My Number, and the accompanying video which is yet another masterpiece!

A couple of other stand out tracks to tell you about… Have a search for Multigold by Diice. They’re a three piece who we don’t know too much about, but the one track we’ve heard oozes promise, and they’re getting a lot of people in the ‘industry’ excited.

I’ve also enjoyed Paper Cars’ song Breathe, featuring Melissa Martin, and Bhebe’s 2 Cents.

Finally, keep your eyes open for news about Ipswich Arts Centre. The team working on the project have been granted permission to change the use of St Clement’s Church into a venue, and events could start happening from September.

It could be the space that bands in the town have been waiting years for, but it will need support.

Have a good summer.