Will Young at Newmarket

Image © Tranquil Soul Photography

The rain finally held off and we were under starters orders!  Will Young bounced onto the stage of Newmarket Nights kicking giant balloons into the crowd and opening his set with the songs “Joy” & the catchy beat stomping  “Love Revolution“, from his latest album “80% Proof”.

Supported by a tight 5 piece band and two soulful backing vocalists, with whom he was obviously having a ball, Will was clearly enjoying every moment of this performance; dancing endlessly around the stage, posing and playing to the crowd in his own very individual style. He can certainly deliver the goods, both visually and vocally; from upbeat dance to a soulful ballad, that had everyone singing along.

A brief interlude to chat to his audience, which included details about his costume being secured by a safety pin, as it was a bit big and the fact that we’re not going to mention the referendum!  Then it was back to business and into his back catalogue, with old favourites including; “Light My Fire“, “Evergreen” and “Leave Right Now“.

Wrapping up the night up with an encore that included a tribute to David Bowie, he returned to the stage driving a silver glitter mobility scooter, to the unmistakable beat of “Let’s Dance“, the crowd erupted. Although one man apparently didn’t think the use of said mobility scooter as a stage prop was appropriate and felt this should be noted by the press! Will’s fan club however, who occupied most of the front row in front of the stage and who had travelled from as far away as Scotland, Manchester and West London, together with the rest of the audience did not seem to share this opinion and embraced it for the sheer entertainment it was.

Make no mistake Will Young is a showman. His energy, permanent smile, dancing and sheer joy of performing is infectious; you can’t help but like him, even down to the Robin tattooed on his arm (apparently Will’s a keen ornithologist who recently appeared on Springwatch!).

Will’s come a long way since winning the 2002 inaugural series of the British music contest Pop Idol, carving a career on both stage and screen and he is certainly an act worth seeing.

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