Worst Wedding Ever

Worst Wedding Ever

New Wolsey Theatre

until 11 March

Inter-family tensions are apparent from the outset in this highly-charged production.

The immediate question called to mind is, “whose wedding is it?” as arguments arise over the proposed venue, size and who exactly is footing the bill for it all.  Cleverly used staging shares parallel conversations with the audience as the future couple are at odds with the bride’s mother’s (Liz’s) plan to control the proceedings.  Jessie J’s “Price Tag” is performed after a stint of wedding list shopping by a harmonious trio who pop up at intervals from the most amusing locations.

Liz’s persistent attempts to “wednap” the occasion see her enlist her other emotionally fragile daughter to convince bride Rachel of who to invite to the wedding.

The Second Act opens on a gloomy note as the groom’s future father-in-law confesses his 30 years of marital misery on the day of the wedding itself.  This is quickly followed by a succession of devastating events which conspire to derail the nuptials.  Traumatic revelations come to light as estranged family members appear, punctuated by hilarious, farcical scenes.  Strained relations finally boil over which lead us to sympathise with the bride.

Expertly written by Chris Chibnall who boasts Broadchurch and Torchwood amongst his successes, the Worst Wedding Ever leaves the audience to ponder the absurdity of the occasion.  The stellar cast, who all have television acting credits to their names, are to be commended for their portrayal of such plausible characters. 

The play will make you laugh and reflect upon modern day weddings.

A thoroughly entertaining evening met with some gasps from members of the audience.