Wuthering Heights – The Music of Kate Bush

Wuthering Heights – The Music of Kate Bush is a tribute show in the pure sense of the word. This spectacular show captures not only the magic of Kate Bush’s work from albums such as The Kick Inside (which celebrates it’s 40th anniversary year since release), through to Aerial. It also faithfully tries to recreate the atmosphere and ethereal qualities which surround much of Kate’s stunning composition.

Featuring the exceptional vocals of Rachel Sinnetta and supported by a five piece ensemble of multi instrumentalists The Rubber Band.

The Salisbury born artist, Rachel Sinnetta, has worked with an illustrious array of talent, from Gerry & The Pacemakers whom she supported, Lianne Carrol, Pete Townshend and Chesney Hawkes to name a few.

It was meeting fellow ‘Pacemakers’ band mate Tony Young, band captain and keys, that was to prove pivotal. The pair found themselves in a karaoke bar and after a fair bit of wine Rachel was encouraged to ‘’ave a go”. So, she selected a rather challenging track “for a drunk person”, she adds, and ended up singing WOW by Kate Bush (from her second studio album Lionheart).

“I think everyone in the pub was brought to a deadly silence after because they were quite happy singing the usual pop songs and were not quite ready for WOW on a Friday/Saturday night. So that was the end of that and off we went for a takeaway.”

A few months later, when chatting with Tony, they recalled that drunken karaoke evening and suggested they put together a Kate Bush tribute ensemble. This now culminates in Wuthering Heights – The Music of Kate Bush.

Tony admits to being a huge Kate Bush fan, so much so that as a lad, his bedroom walls were covered in her posters, Tony continues:

“There was nothing like her at the time.This strange, ethereal artist writing her own material appealed to me and has helped inform my own career.”

“I cannot believe that only 18 months later we are about to embark on the Wuthering Heights’ tour, with such good pedigree in band members. I cannot think of another way to pay homage to someone who was such an influential role model, not just to me, but many other musicians.”

Don’t miss your chance to see this tribute!

Regional Tour Dates: 

  • 3rd May – West Cliff Theatre, Clacton-on-sea 
  • 8th May – Mercury Theatre, Colchester
  • 9th June – Ipswich, Corn Exchange 

For full list of dates, more information or to book visit katetribute.com.